Be ready prepared with this hospital go bag guide

It’s almost time for the baby to arrive but is your hospital bag packed and ready? More importantly do you feel ready?

Here is our Baby Snooze checklist for packing your hospital bag, to ensure you feel prepared and panic free during your labour experience:


For Mum:



If you are thinking “what do I need for hospital”, we have one word - pyjamas.

A loose fitting night dress will be your best friend during your labour experience as well as a dressing gown to cover you up and comfort you. We also recommend easy to put on, slippers or flip flops to prevent you from bending down.



Be sensible with your outfit choices, choose darker colours and stretchy fabrics. Take a few options and several pairs of underwear. 

It is important to consider that after the birth your feet may have swollen so take shoes that won't restrict your movement.


Nursing Supplies

If you plan to breastfeed your baby, pack enough supplies to last a few days including nursing bras, breast pads and cream.



To make your hospital room feel like a home from home, taking your makeup bag will help you feel more comfortable. Fill it with a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, moisturiser lip balm, shampoo and most importantly, maternity pads. Your own towels will also be much appreciated!


Tip: Cooling sprays work a treat during the labour to keep you feeling at least somewhat fresh!


For Baby:



First of all, nappies… and lots of them! Muslin cloths and cotton wool will also be useful for cleaning up any mess so bring a few packs of each.



Don’t forget to pack clothing a couple of sizes as your baby may be smaller or bigger than what you expected.

Pack clothing that will keep the baby warm and if extra protection is needed during colder months then pack a pram suit just in case. Also remember scratch mittens.

Also, take an extra special outfit for that first memorable photo.



Many first time parents fear the first time they have to travel in the car with their newborn. Make sure you feel comfortable with your car seat before the baby arrives and bring a couple of thin blankets so you can monitor their temperature.

Feel Comfortable:

Hospitals are not the homeliest of places, so you want to feel as comfortable as possible!


It is a good idea to get a bag ready of things that will make your hospital stay a little more enjoyable. We suggest taking food and drink that will give you lots of energy whilst drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated. 


Books, magazines and newspapers are also perfect when your birth plan doesn’t go how you imagined.


The due date is not always a reliable time frame so immersing yourself into a good read can help take your mind off things as you wait for the baby to arrive.



Once your bag is ready, keep it close to your front door so that birth partners will be organised when the big day arrives!