The Ultimate Nursery Guide

The Nursery Series: The Essentials

At Baby Snooze we understand that raising a tiny human can be daunting, especially for first time parents. That is why, we have devised a series of blog posts, designed to aid you, in every step of your journey to creating the perfect nursery for you and your baby!

If you are left feeling overwhelmed and thinking “what do we need in the nursery” after your friends and family have overwhelmed you with a mountainous list of things you must buy - not to worry. We have created a definitive list to guide you as this episode will focus on what essentials are really needed when furnishing the nursery.

The best place for babies to sleep. 

Cribs, Cots and Cot Beds.

Cribs can be seen as the temporary item whereas cots and cot beds are investment pieces of nursery furniture. 

Having a crib or Moses Basket is needed during the first six months of a child’s life, according to health professionals, this is so that they are in easy reach during night feeds. Cribs are also perfect for carrying your baby from room to room so you can keep a close eye on them at all times.

When the baby moves into the next stage of their lives a cot or cot bed must be purchased. Deciding between the two depends on your personal preference. A cot bed is slightly larger in size to a cot, it’s removable side panels make it last as long as the child’s age of 2-4 years old. 

TOP TIP: Be attentive when purchasing baby furniture, ensure that the manufacturers follow the latest safety standards. We highly recommend our Baby Snooze cribs, cots and cot beds. 

Baby Bedding

An important advice is to always purchase a new cot mattress and crib sheet even if you are reusing the same cot for all of your children. 

You will also need to ditch the duvets for blankets and sleeping bags, to create a safer sleeping environment for your little one. Prepare a pile of freshly cleaned blankets that can be layered up for the perfect temperature. Sleeping bags are a great alternative for the wrigglier babies.

Monitor your Baby

A baby monitor is a good idea to keep your mind at rest. There are a variety of models out there with different features. The basic necessity is a video screen where you can visually see your little sleeping angel. However other effective features include systems which monitor their heart rate, oxygen levels and room temperature. 


Bottles, Sterilisers and More

When it comes to feeding, always be prepared. Babies don’t always react the way that you initially planned. 

Consider purchasing a few bottles from various brands, this can help you during those sleepless nights when your baby is telling you they prefer one to the other. Keep the bottles in a hygienic environment by using a steriliser and bottle brush. 

For breast feeders you will need to find a breast pump that works best for you! Research the pros and cons of electrical pumps and hand pumps to see what fits your needs.

When questioning ‘what should we buy for the nursery’, one of the most useful items of baby gear are muslin cloths - and lots of them! They will come in use for feeding, burping, bathing, blankets and even to keep the sun out of the baby’s eyes.

Nursing Chair

A comfortable place to rest will never go a miss. Invest in a rocking chair or glider that can peacefully rock you both to sleep but can be easily wiped down.


Baby Bath

There are two types of baby baths. Some parents prefer small, stand alone, plastic baths which can be moved around the house. However, if space is an issue there are bath support products that are designed to be used in your family bath.

Changing Stations

Find a changing station that has a lot of storage opportunities - which will become a necessity! Having a place to store away all of your wipes, nappies and cream will make your life a lot easier. 


Even though your new baby is a tiny little human, they will require a great deal of ‘stuff’. From the mentioned list above alongside the additional amount of toys and clothes that they will receive - you will need a place to store it all. 

Wall shelves are effective storage solutions as they keep items out of reach. Whereas baskets are great places to store your baby's clothes. 

All of these items will stay with you throughout their childhood, as storage pieces are often doubled up as toy baskets or wash bins. When you decorate the nursery, be sure to choose storage accessories that are classic in design and tie in with your interior style. 

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